About Us

Anhui Dapan Special Equipment Vehicle Co.,Ltd. is located in Anhui market Suzhou City Economic Development Zone. The company covers an area of 176,000 square meters, 100,000 square meters of standard factory buildings have been built, office building area of over 9000 square meters, is one of the largest enterprises in Suzhou City, is currently Asia's largest car production base and multiple cylinders cylinder production base one, the annual output value of 10 to 2 billion. The company was founded in August 2007, currently employs more than 400 employees, 30 management staff, including four senior, mid-level engineers 6, the posts of senior technical personnel 15, a doctoral student, graduate students an undergraduate 34 students, 61 college students. Companies adhering to the "only talent and advanced technology to produce high-quality products," the purpose. Careers constantly, reserve personnel.

Our product quality as life; the market as businesses blood. The company has achieved ISO9001-2008 international quality system certification, ISO / JS16949 E110 and the European Union and other international licensing and certification. Companies adhering to the "customer first, quality first" principle, with excellent quality, excellence and meticulous spirit, for domestic and foreign customers with quality products and services.

Our main products are: a variety of industrial Dewar, CNG cylinders (CNG), liquefied natural gas vehicle with low bottle (LNG), liquefied petroleum gas cylinders and civil tube trailers, and other products. The company has advanced fully automated production lines, with annual production of 300,000 CNG gas bottles, all kinds of industrial cryogenic dewar and LNG 60000 cylinders, liquefied petroleum gas cylinders 1 million and a long tube trailer 300 large-scale production capacity private companies. Our products are sold abroad, exported to Europe, Asia and other parts of the Middle East countries.

Anhui Dapan Special Equipment Vehicle Co.,Ltd. is specialized in the production of gas bottles, liquefied petroleum gas bottles, bottle cryogenic liquefied natural gas (LNG) and other products for leading professional manufacturers. The company covers an area of 171,600 square meters, has been completed and standardized plant 100,000 square meters, is one of Asia's largest production base of the cylinder. The company has passed ISO9001-2008, ISO / JS16949 E110 and the European Union and other international quality system certification.

Companies adhering to the "credibility first, quality first, customer first" philosophy, producing the safest products, our products and the relentless pursuit of innovation, is the customers the best return. Our products have been exported to parts of Europe, Central Asia and other countries, as part of the gas Chinese auto manufacturer and the provincial and municipal gas car modification company designated suppliers.

Promises: The use of the market the company's products, the company packs the quality of life tenure.