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Car to gas, not a trace of sloppy security matter

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Jinan, China Economic Net News February 12 natural gas as a clean energy, because it had a small green pollution than other fuels affordable and so, more and more attention. At present, compressed natural gas vehicle (CNG) cylinders have been widely used, mainly for buses, taxis, trucks and other vehicles, Binzhou city also has a growing number of private owners choose "oil to gas," the vehicle converted into fuel oil, natural gas and dual-fuel vehicles.

"Oil to Gas" Although cost-effective, but also very high security requirements. Car cylinders as the necessary equipment "oil to gas," the vehicle, if not timely maintenance, there is a big security risk. How to detect vehicles with gas cylinders, what routine maintenance should pay attention to? Reporters recently came to an urban vehicle inspection station cylinder, understanding the relevant circumstances.

>>> "Owners daily self test"

According to the "Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations" provisions of the cylinder car every three years to go to the testing station has been tested and qualified to detect after passing the continued use unqualified cylinders prohibited use. Inspection station official Zhang Miao said, "Oil to Gas" after the vehicle device, mechanical changes have taken place, changed the structure and characteristics of the original car engine, if not rigorous testing, some vehicles will happen after spontaneous combustion modification other undesirable phenomena.

For the relevant provisions of national importance for gas cylinders used car and vehicle testing cylinders, many owners have to acknowledge that on a regular basis to detect cylinder car is very necessary. "After the vehicle to gas, already a little more dangerous than burning oil, if we detect irregular cylinders, it may be too seriously, do not put safety." The people are waiting for the cylinders detect Jia said.

"It's like a vehicle off the trial, the trial off like a driver's license, vehicle cylinders detected after some date more than six months, even after the vehicle traffic accident, the owner still dare to drive on the road, which is on their own, others irresponsible. "Miao Zhang told reporters, although most owners realize the importance of the cylinder test, but there are few owners have not paid enough attention. Zhang Miao warned that in order to drive the owner's own security and public safety, the proposed "oil to gas," the owners within the specified time to do regular inspection station cylinder testing.

"In fact, the case of cylinders yet reached the detection limit, the owner can also be self-testing." Zhang Miao said, the owner of bottled mineral water available in some soapy water, every 20-30 days to make the gas pipeline leak test interface, so you can ensure the safety of natural gas pipelines.

>>> Vehicle detection step up to ten cylinders Road

The afternoon of February 11, located in the city's West End, a vehicle inspection station cylinder hospital, ten motor vehicles parked in the courtyard, the owner who handheld related materials, the wait staff for vehicle inspection station cylinder external examination. The cylinder visual inspection, but the car is detected more than the first procedure in gas cylinders.

Reporters saw at the cylinder testing workshop, the staff after the demolition of the cylinder, the cylinder should first check whether the appearance of damaged condition bump caused. According to the inspection station staff Ren Libin introduction, in fact, the staff cylinder disassembly process has been going on visual inspection. The next step is a nitrogen replacement, the staff to a thin tube connected to a nitrogen gas bottle mouth portion is connected to the gas cylinder, filled with 0.4 to 0.6Mp nitrogen, which is reported to prevent the cylinders fire risk.

After the dump valve after the gas cylinder, thread inspection, internal cleansing oil to remove impurities within the cylinder, then the staff want to do hydrostatic testing of cylinders. First, the staff of the cylinder filled with water, followed by a crane will lift cylinders, into the same body of metal cans filled with water until the cylinder is completely not into the tank. Because helpful crane looks very bulky cylinders at this time become very "cute", easily lifting movement by the staff. Ren Libin said, after the cylinder was placed in a metal tank, the staff will start the hydraulic press, to the cylinder pressure, to obtain the full amount of expansion and permanent expansion of the amount of gas cylinders, as gas cylinders can withstand the pressure value.

Next, the staff will flip pour dry inside cylinders, cylinder internal inspection, installation of the cylinder valve and other processes. Some of these procedures done by machine, and some require manually. During which the cylinder internal inspection, the staff will be installed on top of a small light bulb with a long pole into his inside cylinders, cylinder internal visual rust, damage and other conditions. According to reports, if the gas cylinders inside the rusty area of more than 30%, the cylinder must be mandatory retirement.

Then through the cylinder vacuum after the installation of gas pipe joints, gas cylinders will be re-installed back to the car, after filling detection, the owner can drive on the road.