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Public projects encounter discriminatory

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Ms. Wang said she has been concerned about automotive cylinder test line items, such projects soon after learned that open to private capital, in June 2013, she related equipment purchased in advance. In October 2013, these projects open to private capital after she obtained from the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau for information, but there is no Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau for help. Later, she applied to get the information through other channels, and after fill, directly to the Provincial Bureau of Licensing Office. Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau license to do after the review, asking her official seal stamped Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau in the "Special Equipment Inspection confirmation of responsibility" on the application of information, but a few months later, the city Bureau of Quality Supervision Bureau has not given her permission seal. She believes that the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau to Gaotang another test line stamped, but did not give her the same treatment, is not fair. And March 19, under the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision issued a notice requiring all counties pooling of resources, good vehicle inspection unit recommended operating cylinders, is playing for time, the purpose is to make another project first to complete information to make their own loss qualifications.

Ms. Wang to reflect on the question, the reporter interviewed March 20 Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau Chief Lee license Liaodong Liaodong Lee responded to these issues. He said that the work vehicle inspection qualification examination and approval of cylinders acceptance, verification, certification, such as by the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, in order to ensure the vehicle inspection agency cylinders rational distribution, regulate the development of the provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision Requirements municipalities planning to develop gas cylinder vehicle inspection agency, and in accordance with the number of vehicles using gas cylinders, each county (urban) planning to build a car with only cylinder inspection agency. Before Ms. Wang, GAOTANG has a detection mechanism to the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau filed an application, and therefore, they can not apply for Wang's official seal. Li Liaodong said Ms. Wang said application information as "special equipment inspection agency approved the application", belonging to the scope of government affairs, can be downloaded from the use of Quality Supervision Bureau website, Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau does not apply for the information create obstacles. Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau for the notification issued under the name of "good car on the cylinder inspection units recommended work," which is based on the higher levels, to be arranged by the city's vehicle inspection unit recommended operating cylinders, not for Ms. Wang.

Feedback Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, Ms. Wang is satisfied, the newspaper will continue to focus.