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The city car with gas cylinders rectification start

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With immediate effect, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau to carry out vehicle safety special rectification cylinders within the city. Check will resolutely ban undocumented installation units, failure to carry out filling activities related to technical specifications for the unit be severely punished.

The regulation will each vehicle cylinder filling an on-site inspection units, require filling operations personnel must be certified and must be filled before the security check and make complete filling records, is strictly prohibited without a gas filling bottles and extended not seized cylinders. Request the filling machine filling stations must be installed to use the city's unified vehicle cylinders IC card management system, IC card without filling management system will not be allowed to work were filled. For the filling process is not strictly enforce the security specifications, will be "Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations" strict punishment. Requirements cylinder filling unit must be strictly checked before filling prohibited undocumented cylinders, extended not seized cylinders and do not meet the safety requirements of cylinder filling, carefully press the "vehicle cylinders order" requires good filling records, investigate and punish violations to strictly ensure safe filling.

Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau asked the city's various stations to be set up special safety publicity warning bar, the safety management system must be on the wall. Use all available channels to publicize the majority of owners of vehicles illegally installing dangerous gas cylinders, the majority of owners to improve safety awareness, fundamentally eliminate the phenomenon of illegal installation of car cylinders.