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City car with gas cylinders with the "electronic identity card"

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Recently, reporters from the city quality supervision departments and municipal transport authorities informed that the city car runs on gas cylinders with an electronic tag line networking management system, marking the city's car with gas cylinders electronic tag project officially implemented.

Things cylinder electronic tag management system is the use of electronic tags, wireless communications, the implementation of recording technology, so that each cylinder has only "electronic identity card", which is installed on the cylinder, testing, filling, scrapped all aspects automatic control and management, human factors completely avoid interference plus gas cylinders.

The project Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Transportation Authority and other 11 departments jointly implement various stations, tuning and other units with the implementation. According to "Wuhai car electronic tags Things cylinders management system construction plan" requirement, the city car network management system construction work with electronic tags substance into the cylinder four stages: September 25, 2013 - October 30 for propaganda stage; November 1 to December the 20th stage of the review and paste; December 1 to December the 20th running stage; January 10, 2014 - January 31 as the acceptance summary stage.

According to the source, close to the city's existing CNG cylinder number 8000, which is still not extended inspection, no modification procedures and other issues cylinders, after the implementation of an electronic tag management system, will effectively eliminate all types of security risks, improve vehicle cylinders in use all aspects of security management, improve the safe operation of a gas vehicle.