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Fujian Province, the first implementation of natural gas vehicle liability insurance bottles

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Recently, in the Fujian province CSEI driven insurance companies and Fujian Motor Transport Company under the jurisdiction seven cylinders using LNG vehicle units, nine CNG cylinders using the unit signed a cooperation agreement for the Fuzhou area inspection the more than 500 third-party liability insurance only car on LNG cylinders and more than 200 CNG cylinders. Each cylinder annual premium of $ 200 will be paid up to one million yuan. This is the launch vehicle LNG cylinders, CNG cylinders liability insurance pilot work in the first attempt.

Start of the work, will increase LNG vehicle cylinders, CNG cylinders ability to pay to use the unit, using the unit of risk-sharing, and the establishment of effective risk prevention mechanism to promote car safety management cylinders, cylinders sudden increase vehicle disposal capacity to deal with incidents hair.

At present, in the car with LNG cylinders, CNG cylinders in the field did not establish liability accident insurance system, insurance-specific leverage risk prevention surveillance and social assistance are not formed. The car LNG cylinders, CNG cylinders for use in the public transport sector more taxis, buses, etc., in case of accident, compensation injuries become a problem. If disposed of improperly, could easily lead to adverse social impacts. In addition, in June this year by the "People's Republic of China Special Equipment Safety Act" clearly states that "The State encourages special equipment safety liability insurance coverage."