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Changchun will carry out the safe use of gas cylinders vehicle registration

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9, the reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision, in order to further strengthen the supervision and management of vehicle safety cylinders, the city will carry out the safe use of gas cylinders car registration, eliminate accidents, ensure the safety of vehicle occupants.

It is understood that, with the gradual increase in gasoline prices, the city's taxi with gas cylinders (car cylinders) usage increasing car use with cylinders complex environment, there is a certain security risk. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the "car with gas cylinder safety technology supervision order" issued by AQSIQ new, Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau will hold a special, in-depth Bureau cylinder test plant site office, from automotive cylinder installation, registration, inspection and other links strengthen supervision and management. For the convenience of the owners to register, Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau in the city east-west direction were set up two cars with gas cylinders using the bid registration point, one is Yong Chung cylinder test plant (Changchun Automobile Industry Development Zone Tongda Road 3335), a Changchun CSEI cylinder test base (1.5 km long north line of the guitar).

Vehicle registration first introduced the use of gas cylinders in my city-owned, for the registration of the quality and quantity of work to start, Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision from the 9th, the first cylinder for the use of the taxi car registration business, the next step will be to carry out the bus and private car registration. Car users should carry cylinders cylinder car factory data security compliance certification, installation inspection certificate and other information, for the use of cylinders receive vehicle registration certificate.