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Vehicle cylinders installed application conditions (Interim) issued

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(Reporter Haas) yesterday, the reporter learned from the Inner Mongolia Bureau of Quality Supervision, in order to standardize the work permit vehicle cylinders installed to strengthen the management vehicle cylinders installed units, our region specially formulated vehicle cylinders installed eligibility criteria (provisional).

It is reported that the eligibility criteria formulated in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, in particular the need to install the application with conditions include: a business license with a registered capital of not less than one million yuan; two, with traffic management department issued a second-class and above vehicle maintenance qualification; three of personnel conditions require professional and technical personnel 3, which have intermediate above (including intermediate) at least one title, a welding personnel, foreman fitter 4, two electricians, a rigger, two full-time inspectors; four of resource conditions and detection methods, there are two sets of lifting equipment, welding 1, 2 hand test pump, gas leak detection equipment for two, two sets of test equipment airtight, gas compression machine, a vacuum pump station, a nitrogen-substituted 1 set, cylinder bracket strength test device 1, a torque wrench 4; five, according to the "special equipment manufacturing, installation, alteration, repair the basic requirements of quality assurance system" (TSGZ0004- 2007) provides for the establishment of the unit for the actual situation of the quality assurance system, and can be effectively implemented; six, establish vehicle cylinders installed emergency plans, and to conduct regular exercises; seven, hold and installation-related vehicle cylinders safety specifications and corresponding standards, and can be effectively implemented.